C.Q- Dubai

As an expat it is incredibly refreshing to speak with such a professional agent as Kath- she is a diamond!- there is no flannel, no hidden agenda – if it is not the right product for you options are given but advice is also given appropriate to your circumstance. To not be pressured or hassled, […]

– D.S. Qatar

“As an expat, I’ve found it quite difficult to take out affordable life assurance. I was passed on Liquid’s details by a colleague who advised me that they can quote for life assurance. I filled out an online quote form and was really pleased when I received my life assurance quote, which is saving me […]

– S.N. Spain

“I cancelled my previous policy that I took out with an offshore IFA group after receiving my quote from Liquid Expat. I’m now saving £500 a year and am delighted by the service I received. I’ll certainly be recommending you to my friends!”

– M.F. Dubai

“Thank you so much for helping me sort out my life Insurance! I was already more than happy with the service received during my mortgage process, but I was astonished my £150,000 mortgage is covered at £10 a month. I was surprised I could even get critical illness cover cheap too!”