British Expats Save Up To 50% on Life Insurance

For the first time ever, British expats can get UK life insurance from as little as £7.50 per month! 

Life insurance is a must, but for expats it’s often difficult to find a life policy to suit all your requirements. Where you live has an impact on the cost of your policy and offshore IFAs frequently tend to tack on additional charges, fees and annual reviews. However, things are changing as demand from expats increases.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones does not have to cost more because you’re an expat

Have you checked your life insurance policy rates lately? What about the fine print on your existing life policy- does it cover you while you reside abroad? Expats are only able to access 28% of the life insurance market and there are even fewer critical illness providers for expats. With growing demand and many expats keeping UK interests, the need for affordable life and critical illness insurance for expats is only increasing. Now you can find UK Life Cover at UK Rates for Expats thanks to Liquid Expat’s dedicated Life Insurance portal:

You can compare policies and find coverage tailored to your needs- at a fraction of the cost of an offshore provider. The best part, is that it’s 100% free to use and only takes a minute to get your quote. Your policy can even be effective within 24 hours.

Start saving today!

If you want:

  • Life & Critical Illness Insurance at UK Rates.
  • Guaranteed premiums – no reviewable premium rates increasing as you get older.
  • Global Cover – no need to replace your plan if you move to another country.
  • No standard exclusions
  • A hassle-free streamlined application process

Then speak to us at

Get started by selecting whether you are looking for single or joint cover.

Once you’ve answered a couple of questions, you’ll be able to get quotes tailored to your needs for savings up to 50%.


Here’s How You Do It:

Level Cover
Decreasing Cover

Step 1: Click the type of cover you would like. 

Step 2: Once you go through a few questions, we can submit to you a full quote with an average savings of 50%.



* based on 01/05/17 British Male, living in Dubai, Non Smoker, 30 yrs old, 25 years Level Term Life Insurance of £100,000