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Our Quick Enquiry Form only takes 2 minutes to submit and allows us to quickly establish whether your client meets criteria.

• Downloand A Decision in Principle Form
Decision in Principle Explained
This is designed to assist in the process of selecting and purchasing a property by giving an indication of the mortgage facilities likely to be available to a borrower or borrowers. A decision in principle is not binding from the lender that has been approached in order to generate this lending decision.Lenders can vary in how much information is checked or taken into account when issuing a decision in principle. Any factors not taken into account, matters undisclosed to the lender or changes to circumstances or lending criteria, may, for example, result in a subsequent mortgage application failing. In addition, every lender has a set of property criteria to which they will check for suitability and security, however every lender will rely upon the valuers comments on whether the property meets their final checks as suitable security.

• Expat UK Buy-to-Let Criteria

• Expat UK Buy-to-Let Checklist

• Expat UK Buy-to-Let Purchase Products and Pricing

• Expat UK Buy-to-Let Remortgage Products and Pricing

• Expat Buy-To-Let Earned Income Assessment

If your client earns in one of the accepted currencies (AED, USD, EUR, CAD, DKK, CHF, SEK, NOK, CHY, SAR, HKD, SGD, KWD, Bermudian Dollar if pegged to USD), this form can be used to support the Rental Income Assessment.

• Change of Property Form

Please use this form if there is a current, live application in progress with the Lender, however the property has changed.

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